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Auto Mouse Clicker

Developer MurGee

Auto Mouse Clicker has a rather complicated interface, but recording a series of clicks and binding it to a hotkey is quite easy. If you ...


Developer Blacksun Software

Mousotron is an application that measures the mouse and keyboard usage. Main Features: - Display a number ...


Developer Thomas Baumann

BattCursor shows the battery charge in percent directly under the mouse cursor, and offers many other battery-saving features, among others, dim ...

RealWorld Change Cursor

Developer RealWorld Graphics

RealWorld Change Cursor is a small program that allows you to change your Windows mouse cursors in just a few ...

Tordex Wheel

Developer Tordex

Tordex Wheel adds intelligence to the mouse wheel. By default, when you roll the mouse wheel, Windows roll the currently active ...

Easy Mouse Lock

Developer RTSoftwares

Use given below software utility to lock your mouse cusror within defined rectangle / area. Define upto two ...

Daanav Mouse

Developer Daanav Softwares

This application allows you to change the Normal Select Mouse Cursor to any selectable .cur (which ...

True Launch Bar Color Picker

Developer Tordex

Color Picker is a free plugin designed to work with the True Launch Bar application that shows the magnified image around the mouse cursor ...


Developer Copsey Strain, Inc.

Application that sits in your Windows system tray waiting for you to click it. When you do the ZoomCap window pops ...

PCBility Mouse

Developer PCBility Software solutions

PCBility Mouse enables you to easily control your computer's mouse cursor, without using your hands. Move ...

Mouse Clicks

Developer MurGee

Mouse Click helps you to click mouse automatically on computer screen. Automate single or double clicks for ...


Developer Sven Drieling

MouseCursors is a nice tool write in java by Sven Drieling to show the mouse cursor state like: crosshair cursor, hand cursor,move cursor, ...


Developer nizinek

A mouse cursor or a mouse pointer is a small image that represents your hand on the computer screen. A ...

park cursor aside

Developer Anand K Gupta

Park Cursor Aside helps you view the input field without being blocked by the mouse cursor. Whenever you type on keyboard, ...


Developer FileSubmit

boxing1cur is a desktop tool which allows you to customize your mouse cursor. It includes an entire set of cursors which allows you to ...